Self Mastery Through Conscious Autosuggestion:Emile Coue

Introduction to "Self Mastery through Conscious Autosuggestion"

Emile CoueEmile Coue: father of autosuggestion

(1857-1926) Emile Coue, a physician formulated the Laws of Suggestion. He is also known for encouraging his patients to say to themselves 20-30 times each night before going to sleep, “Everyday in every way, I am getting better and better”. He also discovered that when giving patients their medicine and delivering positive suggestion at the same time, proved to be a more effective cure than prescribing medicine alone. He eventually abandoned hypnosis in favour of just using positive suggestion and he thought that the hypnotic state impaired the efficiency of the suggestion.

Story Title

Emile Coué's was a French druggist who pioneered the method of self-hypnosis called autosuggestion during the 1920s.

Essentially, Coué in this work emphasizes the role of positive thinking in self-improvement. In this way he proposed bridging the gap between behavior and cognition, a concept offered over 250 years earlier by Blaise Pascal. But can reciting a mantra involving positive thoughts improve ones outlook? There is now much evidence that it can.

Emile Coué offers a number of practical suggestions for cognitive self-improvement in this readable work. This book gives specific guidelines to follow to indeed "turn your dreams into a reality".

It is recommended for scholar and historian alike, as well as the everyday seeker looking for practical guidance on thought management.

Chapter 1:Self Mastery


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